Ever feel overwhelmed & discouraged as a leader?

Pouring into the lives of others is both a privilege, and a responsibility, that can bring much joy.  However, it’s also easy to feel….

  • Burned out by constant demands
  • Pulled in too many directions, and weary from trying to get it all done
  • Too busy to slow down and find rest for yourself (rest is totally overrated anyway, right?!)
  • Discouraged that your loved ones often get your “leftover” time, after giving everyone else your best
  • Isolated and hesitant to let down your guard (after all, everyone is counting on YOU!)
  • Stuck in patterns that aren’t working for you, but unsure of how to move forward differently

I get it.  I’ve been there.


I’ve stepped into various leadership positions because I felt called, and genuinely wanted to make a difference.  Doing all the “right” things, and reading all the right books. But leadership can be complicated, relationships are challenging, and the work is sometimes discouraging. I questioned my calling (and capabilities), more than once.  Instinctively, I knew I didn’t need more seminars, blogs, books, or workshops. I needed change. Thankfully, I found a solution and now have the tools to navigate the difficult seasons, while living and leading intentionally.

Guess What?

You can Live a Life You Love, While Leading Others Too!


Women who have worked with me have found this to be true as well. Would you like to experience more…


Identify your top priorities, and live a life that reflects what matters most to you.


Build authentic relationships with the freedom to be yourself – even when it’s messy.


Tired of feeling “stuck”?  Discover what’s keeping you there, and find freedom to move forward.


Discover a renewed sense of purpose in your work, ministry, and personal life.


Intentional living requires bravery. Kick fear to the curb, and live a life you love.


Naviagte challenging seasons with the assurance that God is FOR you, and at work on your behalf.